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List of SoupLitresNaira (N)LitresNaira (N)
Afang Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Banga Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Efo- Riro Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Edikang Ekong Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Ogbono Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Ewedu Soup2N3,000
Atama Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Bitterleaf Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Fisherman SoupN15,000
Oha Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Egusi Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Okro Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Ofe Nsala (White Soup)4N15,0002N12,000
Ofada Sauce4N15,0002N12,000
Ofe Owerri4N15,0002N12,000
Okazi Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Gbegiri Soup2N3,000
Peppered Snails (15 pieces)N18,000
Chicken Stew (2 full chicken or chicken laps in cut only)4N16,0002N12,000
Crab and Shrimp SauceN15,000
Beef Stew (Beef N Ponmo)4N15,0002N12,000
Fish StewN16,000
Chicken and Prawns SauceN16,000
Goat Meat Stew4N15,0002N12,000
Seafood Okro4N18,0002N12,000
Vegetable Soup4N15,0002N12,000
Goat Meat Pepper SoupN10,000
Fresh fish Pepper SoupN16,000
Jollof Rice (with 6/12pcs of fried turkey wings)4N16,0002N12,000
Sweet Potatoes and Yam PorridgeN14,000
Peppered TurkeyN16,000
Peppered Goat MeatN10,000
Orishirishi/Assorted Meat Stew(beef, ponmo, shaki and abodi)4N15,0002N12,000
Chicken/Turkey Curry SauceN16,000
Moi Moi

(Either eggs, bits of chicken and corn beef or fish and eggs only)


PS: All soups comes with stockfish, dried fish, beef and ponmo.

Extra protein will attract extra charges. All soups and stews prices includes the service charge.

Orders and enquiries are between 9am-5pm mon-sat. We deliver between 24-48hrs AFTER FULL PAYMENT… (However, sometimes we get fully booked)

Also, please kindly book/pay ahead so that you can have a slot.

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