Take your pick 😊

The buckets are 4ltrs .. The flat bowls are for meals that come in portions , equivalent of 3.2ltrs

Beans Porridge

Peep our beans porridge in our 4ltrs bowl.. . Tips : All coloured bowls are 2ltrs and buckets are 4ltrs      


Our Egusi soup is second to none 😋

Ofada sauce 😍

We do it right over here. This is a peep of how our 2 litres look like 😍

Ogbono Soupa

We do it better at Soupamarket… Very delicious and this is what our 4 litres look like. 😊

Efo riro

We make Efo riro really appealing and soupa delicious..  Try us out…

Seafood okro of Soupa land

Have you tasted our Seafood okro???  Oh my,  you just have to..  You will be addicted ?

Egusi soup of Soupa land

Our Egusi soup is amazeballs..  Delicious is an understatement…