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Just see beauty in bowls

We didn’t come to play 😁


Peep our Edikangikong in our 2ltrs bowl.. Oh wow. .. 😍😍😍😍

Goat meat Pepper soup

Our Goat meat Pepper soup is everyone’s delight. Too lit 🔥


Don’t you just love what you are viewing? You do right? That’s what we thought 😍

Seafood Okro

Seafood Okro of Soupamarket is not your regular seafood Okro.. We have them in 2 and 4 litres Try and see for yourself 🤗

Moimoi Elewe

Our Moimoi in leaves.. 😍 Very filling

Jollof rice

Soupa Jollof rice in our 4 litres bowl The buckets are 4 litres The coloured bowls are 2 litres Standard sizes